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Auto Maintenance and Products In Gonzales

Johnny Robinson Automotive in Gonzales also provides maintenance services and automotive products to ensure your vehicle looks and runs its best.

Tire change and repair

Wheel Alignment

If your steering wheel feels shaky even when you’re driving straight ahead or your vehicle pulls to one side when changing lanes or making a turn, you may need a wheel alignment. Our mechanics can precisely align your wheels, using a digital system combined with expert knowledge of wheel alignment services. Wheel alignment should be done after you purchase new tires or about every one to two years.

Diagnostic Service

If you are experiencing a problem with your vehicle but you can’t put your finger on what could be wrong, bring your car into Johnny Robinson Automotive to run it through our computer diagnostics system. Thorough analysis of service engine error codes and a scan of your entire vehicle, we will be able to diagnosis what repair you need. Once we know what needs to be fixed, we will go through the repair with you and schedule your service appointment as soon as possible.

Oil Changes

Johnny Robinson Automotive provides quick and easy oil changes, often getting you in and out in 30 minutes. We have synthetic blend and purely synthetic motor oils with formulas compatible with any vehicle make, model, and year. We will also replace the oil filter with any oil change service.

Tire change and maintenance


We have every type of tire available from all season to off road tires, with products that are compatible with any vehicle. We also offer tire rotation and tire pressure adjustments, using a combination of digital machinery and hands-on adjustments to ensure your car tires are performing optimally.

Fluid Flushes

Our mechanics also provide fluid flushes, including transmission, brake, fuel, and power steering fluid. Replacing these fluids will clean out your car’s systems, removing any sediment build up so your car performs better and your parts last longer.


Our Gonzales auto center also has a selection of products for your vehicle, including wiper blades and fluid, antifreeze, batteries, replacement filters, light bulbs, and accessories. Ask our staff in person or over the phone about the product you need and we can find it in our inventory for you.

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